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701 SuperJet Limited

Our stock SuperJet went 44.6 mph at 6,200 rpm. After installing only a Factory Pipe with the recommended jetting, the same boat went 48.3 mph at 6,700 rpm. A gain of 500 rpm and 3.7 mph by changing only the pipe! The Factory Pipe 701 SuperJet comes complete with our exclusive tunable headpipe, aluminum chamber, tuned exhaust manifold, and all required hardware.

1995 & older, $930.00; 1996 & newer, $980.00

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701 SuperJet Ltd. 1996+ 701 SuperJet Ltd./Mod  
701 Superjet Ltd. up to 1995    

701 SuperJet Mod

We took our high horsepower Limited pipe and cut 1.5" off the length to crank more horsepower and rpm from your ported and modified SuperJet engine. Horsepower gains on mod systems will vary depending on your specific engine modifications and combinations. The Factory Pipe 701 SuperJet Mod system comes complete with tuned exhaust manifold, tunable cast headpipe, aluminum chamber, and all required hardware.


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701 SuperJet Mod 701 SuperJet Ltd./Mod